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A few years back as I sat at my office desk, gazing out of the window and wishing to escape,I longed for permission.

Permission to take the leap of faith,to go the extra mile, to risk it all and essentially DANCE – because in my mind, I knew it was time to DANCE into my season and cultivate my entrepreneurial vision.

BUT like most of us, life kept getting in the way-

Then, on Christmas 2002 – my fantabulous mother, who is a “shero” in her own right, gave me a book (Mark D. Sanders & Tia Sillers) complete with CD (Lee Ann Womack) offering the words I needed to hear —

“I HOPE YOU DANCE….Promise me you’ll give faith a fighting chance…”

Fast forward – 10 months later (2003)and a few conspiring “challenges” that would “catapult” and “inspire” me to leave that office, step into the world and become a full-time participant in my entrepreneurial life. In my decision,I did not know all the answers and was not sure of the entire plan but it all just “felt” right!

….”Because I want you to dance as you journey thru life’s good and bad times”are the words inscribed in my book from my MOM-and these are the words I offer each and everyone of you in this post…..

“I HOPE YOU DANCE” inspired by the song by LEE ANN WOMACK.

Until next time,…”I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance”


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Your Life Purpose: Live It (Like Rihanna & T.I. Say….)

Some of the best examples of entrepreneurship – can be found with the members of Generation X – what they have found is that sometimes you have to break the rules – TO MAKE THE RULES.

There is an old saying that some of the best talent – can be found in graveyards – that’s because most people live their lives – without purpose. They are too afraid to fail or show vulnerability by bucking the status quo. What is sad about “playing it safe” is that, people never take the time to discover their uniqueness, opting to spend their life “steady chasing the paper” and perhaps really never finding happiness.

So, check the lyrics of one of my new favorite songs – LIVE YOUR LIFE!

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What Are You Pregnant With?!??!


Over time, I have often thought of and used the analogy of pregnancy in my journey.

After giving birth to two children, one – au natural and the other with the help of that darn epidural, I have often compared the childbirth experiences with both children. Now, of course I love both of my kids – but I have to say the one that was delivered naturally offered the most opportunity to live in the moment. Dealing with numbing pain, testing my strengths, overcoming pain thresholds, and challenging my weaknesses to ultimately bring forth life – allowed me to see myself, partner, family and world in a totally different way. Let’s put it this way, if I ever underestimated the power of mother nature or the universe and my own potential – after I gave birth, I doubted NO MORE. This is why I often say “Careful what you ask, the UNIVERSE will deliver”

Comparatively, when we become pregnant with ideas, visions, business plans – we must nourish the dream, carry it for a period of time and finally give birth to it. The thing is, many people may never see the full potential of their dreams/pregnancy because some where along the line they choose to terminate. Now, don’t get me wrong – I am certainly not one to tell folks what they should do when confronted with a “pregnant pause” – because ultimately, they will have to deal with their decision – and in this way I am certainly Pro-Choice. I am however, a strong advocate of thinking through the entire process, strategically making decisions and being prepared so that when a pregnancy occurs, you can be in a place (mentally, spiritually, physically, financially) to consider bringing a pregnancy to term.

As an entrepreneur, I am surrounded by a number of innovative thinkers that are talented and are pregnant with any number of ideas. They face daily challenges, struggles, barriers and of course successes. As they travel their individual paths, everyday they are forced to examine their ideas and assess the viability of the life transforming ideas they nurture within.

For some, conception to birth may take 9 hours, 9 days, 9 months or 9 years – but for those that are pragmatic, committed and passionate about the life they have inside, like me, they will find that “natural child-birth” can be a wonderful experience, labor pains and all!

In summation, I’d say that it is tempting to take the “epidural” and the easy way out. It makes the pain less, but please remember that as hard as it might be, the old saying “no pain, no gain” is really valid. Overcoming the pain is what allows us to discover our own strengths and ultimately appreciate our Successes – If we make our choices carefully, and not numb our apparent pain during the struggle – that idea, child, moment or experience – might just be our most transformative…

So, what are you PREGNANT WITH?


Photos courtesy: fotosearch.com

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