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P. Diddy Next James Bond?!?! (I AM KING)

Now, when we think of Entrepreneurial parents with “Swagga” – you have got to think of Sean P.Diddy Combs. Now, Mr. Combs has built an musical empire, clothing line, fragrance line, and more – he has dabbled in politics with “Rock the Vote” and was very vocal in the recent 2008 Presidential Elections.

While providing for his offspring an Entrepreneur – he has constantly pushed the button, as he raises his family, business and dreams under one roof. Whatever, you think of him as an individual, he is certainly an ENTREPRENEURIAL PARENT….

In his latest move, P. Diddy says that “It Is Time For A Black James Bond” and he needs to be it! So, Enjoy – P.Diddy’s James Bond Audition Tape!

Special thanks to my associates over at greasyguide.com – for hipping me to this video.


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Sabaink.com: The Life & Times Of An Entrepreneurial Parent!!!

The Life And Times Of An Entrepreneurial Parent

Sabaink.com: The Life And Times Of An Entrepreneurial Parent

I know, It’s been a minute (well about a year) since I last posted to my personal blog but good things are worth waiting for -so, welcome to the official relaunch of my blogsite:  SABAINK.com!

Here, I will share everything from personal to professional information. You can even hit me up for some advice -’cause that’s just the momma in me.  I’m gonna warn you that I am not a licensed psychologist or anything – so I’m just working from personal experience.  And I will say that I’ve had quite a few as you can see from the categories on this blog.

So, thanks for hanging in there with me and as we move into 2009, I will be taking time to connect with more frequent (heck, let’s go for broke) daily blog posts.

Love it or hate it, right here is all me and always the naked truth – That’s The “Inklings”

Thanks for the love and support  – It’s always really great to be back home !!!

Peace & Continued Blessings,

Saba, Ink

P.S. The new header is a photo my baby girl – she is an aspiring model, graphic artist and magazine stylist at 13 – So, I had to give props to her ’cause she and my 8 year old son have truly inspired my journey.

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