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Michelle Obama On: Work Life Balance, Children, Marriage & Choices

In their recent interview with Barbara Walters, President & First Lady elect Barack & Michelle Obama have been talking about how their marriage and children will transition during the move to their new home @ 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

As any parent knows, whenever the job calls – and you have to transplant your family into a new environment, there is stress. Stress from dealing with the unknown and most importantly about how everyone will adjust, while maintaining some sense of normalcy.

One of the items that many have found interesting is the fact that the First Lady To Be, Michelle Obama has stated that the children (Malia & Sasha) will do chores in the White House – like making up their beds. There are some people who see this as unrealistic – however, in an attempt to keep children grounded, this idea makes perfect sense. We have to admit however, that the synergy between this husband and wife team seems to be the formula that will make any transition – work.

For everyone else out there, with so much going on in our world today – what challenges are you facing – as you try to keep a balance and things somewhat “NORMAL” for your children family?


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P. Diddy Next James Bond?!?! (I AM KING)

Now, when we think of Entrepreneurial parents with “Swagga” – you have got to think of Sean P.Diddy Combs. Now, Mr. Combs has built an musical empire, clothing line, fragrance line, and more – he has dabbled in politics with “Rock the Vote” and was very vocal in the recent 2008 Presidential Elections.

While providing for his offspring an Entrepreneur – he has constantly pushed the button, as he raises his family, business and dreams under one roof. Whatever, you think of him as an individual, he is certainly an ENTREPRENEURIAL PARENT….

In his latest move, P. Diddy says that “It Is Time For A Black James Bond” and he needs to be it! So, Enjoy – P.Diddy’s James Bond Audition Tape!

Special thanks to my associates over at greasyguide.com – for hipping me to this video.

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Michelle Obama’s Mama To Move Into White House……

Obama Family Transition

Word has it that the first Grandma, Marian Robinson will be moving into the White House – To This I say KUDOS to the first family for keeping family first!

So, many times in our worship of “youth culture” we forget about the contributions, wisdom and insight our parents, grandparents and ancestors. I am here to say that if we do not know our past we cannot possibly understand our present and thus our future. Our elders are the griots or storytellers that keep the bloodlines strong. Just think, we would not be here without the previous generations – and until we begin to embrace every generation of our family we will never succeed.

I for one, have ALWAYS included my children’s grandparents in their lives. Not only does it make sense for the security of the children, it also has freed me up as a parent to earn a living and pursue my dreams. By knowing that my children are in the safe keep of their grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc – I am able focus and move forward. I have to say also say that with grandparents on your childcare team, there are a couple of things the kids can get – when money is tight (smile). I was really excited when my son was born – and my Dad was able to watch my son in retirement. It was not only good for my family, it also made him (my Dad) feel productive and needed. Plus, with him as a childcare provider – my costs were reduced considerably as I paid him a fraction of what I would have for a traditional childcare center.

For those of you that might not have access to elderly family members, adopt one – and there are a number of childcare organizations that link up grandparents with parents. A great example to this is

Man, between Michelle Obama’s Mama in the White House and Joe Biden’s no-nonsense Mom around, those White House Kids (ALL OF THEM) -should be in line —–

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Barack Obama: Inspires Teen MySpace Layouts With Lil Wayne Milli Remix

Yes, I’m checking my kids Myspace activity – and guess what?

They have all got Barack Obama, photos, signs and the works –

One of the most interesting song selections is this re-mix of MILLI from Lil Wayne –

Who would have thought a politician might inspire the HIP-HOP generation like this?

Obama, Obama, Obama — go on kids!!

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Sunday: The Most Segregated Day of The Week


For a long time, I have contemplated the idea of Sunday in America.  Perhaps, the scenario plays out in many countries around the globe.

Families wake up to a morning ordained by Christians as the day we head out to worship and pay homage to “Our Lord and Savior.  As we get dressed in our finest gear, drop the children off to Sunday School, the adults head into the Sanctuary for  spiritual nourishment from their Church Leader – we look around and chances are – we see  people that look just like us. Today, as we look back at an historic election and think about how passionate the religious debate became,  and has always been – I cannot help but wonder out loud.

I mean we have Lutherans, Methodists, Catholics, Evangelicals, Southern Baptists and the list goes on and on – but the one thing I often wonder is how can we truly embrace each other – when we can barely identify houses of worship where the audience reflects the totality of our Racial Composition?

During her Senate Race against Kay Hagan in North Carolina, Elizabeth Dole went so far as to accuse her opponent of associating with a group know as Godless Americans.  This ad was so polarizing, I will dare to say that it might have caused Dole her Seat.  I personally took issue with the ad and wrote about it HERE.  I mean we were so obsessed with religion, that we risked losing a most viable candidate to accusations and associations with Pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright….

So, now that it is Sunday in America (5 days after), Tuesday, November 4, 2008 – when we made history together,  reaching across the aisles of social, economic, religious, gender, lifestyle and other differences to elect Barack Obama – The first BI-RACIAL President of the USA; our next challenge might very well be to:

Transform Sundays!

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