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FREECYCLE: A Great Way To Go Green & Buy For Free


If you’re not familiar with FREECYCLE, you ought to check it out.  FREECYCLE is a global group emphasizing the idea of recycling.  According to the main site,  there are 6,084,000 members in 4,627 groups worldwide and anyone can join.

How it works

Say for example, you are looking for  a washing machine/dryer combo, all you would need to do is make the announcement in your FREECYCLE group – and other members that have what you are looking for offer it up to you.  You all make an appointment to meet, and the exchange is made.  Of course, the reverse is true – so, if you have something to offer up, announce it here – and you might just get someone interested.

How cool is that?  No one EVER sells anything in a FREECYCLE Group – so, with money becoming an issue for many, bartering groups such as FREECYCLE might just become the new currency. The only drawback is that until you get to know members of your group – you’re connecting with folks at your own risk….

The idea is a great one overall and who knows, we might just begin to unclogging some garbage dumps – and saving the earth one barter at a time. On FREECYCLE groups, people can find anything from kids clothing, furniture, home decor, jewelry and I’ve even seen a car exchange –

To check out this global group of folks on a mission of going GREEN, visit  here and perhaps we’ll connect with the next barter!

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