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With the ongoing debate around healthcare in America, all I can say is that the system needs to be reformed in order for us to take it off “Life Support.”

As a self-employed mother of two children, I could not begin to tell you the stories I have heard, seen and personally experienced. I remember 14 years ago when I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter – At that time, I was still working in a corporate environment (as an employee) but was transitioning from one job to another. It was frightening to think that I might not get coverage because my pregnancy would be regarded as a “pre-existing condition” to the new employer and thus my new insurance company. All I can say is “thank goodness I was in the early stages of my pregnancy – and got support from others – because my story would have probably been a different one today.”

With two beautiful children and a growing business, I can certainly say that the time is right for Healthcare Reform! Not only because infant mortality rates are skyrocketing and the current system puts pressure on small business owners and the self-employed (like me).. it will save lives across the board. Reform is not only a moral obligation, it is something that professionals, families, businesses, etc need to stay alive.

Take for example the idea that 2000 people showed up at the Reliant Center in Texas this week-end just to get help they could not via FREE CLINICS sponsored by THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FREE CLINICS. To look at the amount of people showing up at these clinics across the country gives us a glimpse into the serious healthcare gaps intrinsic in our current system.

For more on this debate, check out what 450,000 Doctors Have To Say:

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URCHIN SOCIETY: Family & Business In The Age Of The Black Panthers

For many families struggling to raise children and build businesses simultaneously, life can truly be a test of endurance.

Alprentice David Emory Davis, grew up as a child of parents – considered social/community activists and entrepreneurs. Was their path to entrepreneurial parenting by default or by conscious choice? At a time when association with The Black Panther Party could mean life in jail or a death sentence, how does one raise politics, social ideology,enterprise and family all under one roof?

In his upcoming book, URCHIN SOCIETY:America’s Gift To Urban Society – Mr. Davis discusses his experiences and what it was like growing up; “Panther Cub”

Here’s a preview of the book, and an excerpt from our interview:

For more of our interview, visit me HERE!

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SNL: Lessons From “The Rock” Obama

Patience is something that only children – can teach us.

We all know that to reach our goals we need all the patience and focus in the world. Anger only distracts us from the issues at hand. Anger gives an opponent the over hand by giving them control of our actions. Anger centralizes the negative – energy of others.

Remember that as you watch: “The Rock” Obama…..

Stay focused and find healthy ways to deal with anger – it can only make you a better person….

Onward and upward ALWAYS!

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Living Your Dream – Happy MLK Day

Living The Dream - Martin Luther King, Jr

Living The Dream - Martin Luther King, Jr

On this most historic day, we look back almost 40 years – when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr had a DREAM.

The difference between having a dream and achieving it is a matter of a few million steps.. The important thing is that EVERYDAY we must commit to ONE more step – even if it appears small.

Tomorrow, The United States of America will inaugurate its 44th President, Barack Obama. The dynamics and mechanisms at work with the universe to have these two incidents coincide within a day of one another is something short of destined.

With this in mind, I am reminded of the phrase “Walk Into Your Season.” Yes folks, I am crystal clear that we all have our season and destiny – and it is imperative that we tune into those elements that are “conspiring” to place us in our own historical place.

So, NEVER, EVER Stop working and living your DREAM.

See you at the Top of The Mountain –

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NEWS FLASH: Superwoman Ain’t Comin’ (Today)

This week-end was a long one for me.

I decided to take some time to focus on myself because as we all know – the demands of life can be overwhelming.

As, I reviewed plans – and looked into the New Year – the one thing I resolved was that my new phrase will be “SUPERWOMAN ain’t coming!” As women, it is sometimes difficult to take of our capes – and -take a break from rescuing the world.

I say, we most certainly have the ability to Save The World but not all at the same time. We have to keep in mind that our overextended schedules can be like Kryponite for the soul – and if we do not take some time to energize – we can burn out.

So, I say it is okay to take care of home, business, man and kids – but every so often (without guilt), find the time for yourself – put up a sign on the door, and let the world know:

SUPER WOMAN AIN’T COMIN – at least not today!!!!

Check Out, My girl Alicia Keyes (I AM SUPERWOMAN)


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Kelly Ripa & The Electrolux Commercial

Whenever that commercial for Electrolux comes on, I can’t help but laugh out loud – Not because it is funny (in that sense) but because, I can totally relate. Like most working/Entrepreneurial parents juggling a gazillion projects at one time (and well) that ad serves as a testimony. It illustrates and reminds all that to run a family and balance work life takes nothing short of great management and organizational skills. For Ripa who is a Co-host on Regis and Kelly, A Mother, Wife, Pitch Woman, Actress and more, 24 hours like most of us can be a really short day –

So for anyone that underestimates the RESUME of a Working Mom or Dad, I’d say check out this Electrolux Ad – and be clear that this is not just an ad – It is a DAILY reality!

So as we all fight for CHANGE, let’s make sure to we support policies that will support the already overworked parents of the world…….

Enjoy –

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Childcare Blues: Road To Entrepreneurial Parenting

Whose Watching The Chiren aka Children? Better Yet, Whose Bailing Out Main street?


As a working parent – finding the right child care can be one of the most overwhelming decisions. I remember when my daughter was first born and later my son.  I must have called and visited a “gazillion” homes, centers and the likes to find the best place to leave my children while I was at work. I knew I had been “mommie-tracked”  (corporate lingo parental glass ceiling) when due to a childcare emergency, I had to walk into my office – suit, briefcase, and my 9 month old (at the time) in tow.  The horrified look on the faces of the single women and executives was enough to make me wonder if I should get my tubes tied – no, really! Needless to say that two kids later, several start-ups, a couple of un-fulfilling jobs  – and 13 years later, I would not trade parenthood for ANYTHING!

During my transition, I have had to incur sick days, late days, professional hiatus and the like on behalf of my dear children.  During “work breaks” my household has had to figure out how to survive on one income and believe was not easy!   One income you say?? Yep – I said it because either I could not find decent childcare or the cost of paying someone to take care of the kids was equivalent to or exceeded my personal income. So, today in these tough economic times when parents are making daycare choices daily – all I can say is do the math -really do the math.  If two people are working, evaluate the “opportunity cost” – once you factor in dry cleaning, gas, lunches, before/after and during care, take-out dinners, etc, how much do you end up taking home? This recent article from YAHOO NEWS really illustrates the hard choices parents have and continue to make ESPECIALLY during these times – so know that you’re not alone!

So, here’s my take on it – if  a part-time job, staying home to take care of the kids or working from home adds up to the same as going to work (after expenses), it might be time to explore Entrepreneurial   Parenthood. Hey, just think about it – at the end of the year, instead of paying taxes to work, Uncle Sam might just be paying you to be an independent business owner. Perhaps, this could be part of the bailout plan for Main street? After all, I’m pretty sure EVERYONE out there has a bankable skill they can turn into an innovative new business – right? Not sure what your talent is? Think about what you do better than ANYONE else, ’cause everybody says so!

Finally, if you are a single parent or can’t afford to pursue that business full-time, just go ahead and get it set up-moonlight a bit and start earning some extra money from your hidden talents. Who knows-sooner or later, you just might be able to “raise a family and career from the same address –” and help resurrect the economy simultaneously!

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