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Seems like it is in human nature to oppress others in order to achieve power. Here we look at ISM’ sexism, racism, tribalism, etc….

Living Your Dream – Happy MLK Day

Living The Dream - Martin Luther King, Jr

Living The Dream - Martin Luther King, Jr

On this most historic day, we look back almost 40 years – when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr had a DREAM.

The difference between having a dream and achieving it is a matter of a few million steps.. The important thing is that EVERYDAY we must commit to ONE more step – even if it appears small.

Tomorrow, The United States of America will inaugurate its 44th President, Barack Obama. The dynamics and mechanisms at work with the universe to have these two incidents coincide within a day of one another is something short of destined.

With this in mind, I am reminded of the phrase “Walk Into Your Season.” Yes folks, I am crystal clear that we all have our season and destiny – and it is imperative that we tune into those elements that are “conspiring” to place us in our own historical place.

So, NEVER, EVER Stop working and living your DREAM.

See you at the Top of The Mountain –

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It’s Veteran’s Day: Are You Ready To Fight For Your Life?

One of my favorite quotes is “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

What I am come to realize is that our greatest challenge is not believing in our own power. We so often surrender our greatness to others and allow people to define who we are. We accept stereotypes about ourselves and by default surrender our own being in the process.

What I do know for sure ( in the words of Oprah), is that the moment we begin to define ourselves in our own terms – the world will bow down! When I say bow down, I don’t mean it in a forced physical way – I mean it in a spiritual sort of way.

As many of my close friends might know, I describe myself as a spiritual as opposed to a religious person. That’s because I’ve found knowledge and strength by studying and reading about various religious philosophies. So one book that I have enjoyed over the years is The TAO OF INNER PEACE by Diane Dreher. There in, Dreher discusses the idea of personal acceptance and The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy says that people’s performance match their expectations or What we believe, we create.

So, as we all fight our own personal battles which might include addictions, love, finance, abuse, whatever it is – that CHANGE can only come from within. In other words, to begin your journey of transformation start out by, WATCHING WHAT YOU TELL YOURSELF ABOUT YOURSELF!

Here is an exercise – illustrated in that book from Jack Canfield, of “Chicken Soup” book series fame…

-Go To your mirror, look yourself in the eye and tell yourself things you like about You
(Keep in mind that it will feel strange because we’re so used to beating ourselves up)
-For the next week, go to your mirror at the end of the day and tell You what You appreciate about You.
(It might be that you walked a block for exercise, added one more thing to your business plan, opened the door for a stranger, made the decision to leave a negative space-whatever, it doesn’t matter)
– Finally, call yourself by name and say, “I really love you”

Now for some, this might seem a bit much – but when so many of us hear people tell us what we cannot do, or laugh at our dreams, by affirming ourselves, we might just begin to believe and GOD forbid – we might begin fulfilling our life’s purpose.

As I contemplate and salute veterans everywhere today, I think about what it means to be victorious in battle, and implore you to search deep inside and confront your personal war(s) – because you too can triumph and WIN!

So, It’s Veteran’s Day – And I Ask Once Again, Are Your Ready To Fight For Your Life?

The Tao of Inner Peace

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Sunday: The Most Segregated Day of The Week


For a long time, I have contemplated the idea of Sunday in America.  Perhaps, the scenario plays out in many countries around the globe.

Families wake up to a morning ordained by Christians as the day we head out to worship and pay homage to “Our Lord and Savior.  As we get dressed in our finest gear, drop the children off to Sunday School, the adults head into the Sanctuary for  spiritual nourishment from their Church Leader – we look around and chances are – we see  people that look just like us. Today, as we look back at an historic election and think about how passionate the religious debate became,  and has always been – I cannot help but wonder out loud.

I mean we have Lutherans, Methodists, Catholics, Evangelicals, Southern Baptists and the list goes on and on – but the one thing I often wonder is how can we truly embrace each other – when we can barely identify houses of worship where the audience reflects the totality of our Racial Composition?

During her Senate Race against Kay Hagan in North Carolina, Elizabeth Dole went so far as to accuse her opponent of associating with a group know as Godless Americans.  This ad was so polarizing, I will dare to say that it might have caused Dole her Seat.  I personally took issue with the ad and wrote about it HERE.  I mean we were so obsessed with religion, that we risked losing a most viable candidate to accusations and associations with Pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright….

So, now that it is Sunday in America (5 days after), Tuesday, November 4, 2008 – when we made history together,  reaching across the aisles of social, economic, religious, gender, lifestyle and other differences to elect Barack Obama – The first BI-RACIAL President of the USA; our next challenge might very well be to:

Transform Sundays!

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Saba Ink: The Timothy Sexton Interview

timsexton.jpgRecently, Timothy Sexton, The People Media Company’s 2007 Content Producer Of The Year flipped the script on me and got me to answer some hard questions. We “Talked” about Hip-Hop, Homosexuality, Women, Politics and more.

I mean I love Tim’s in your face commentaries and writing style so it was an honor to exchange ideas with him. Also, since I’m used to asking the Questions it was cool to be the subject for once.

Check out the conversation with Me and Timothy Sexton right HERE.

Peace & Blessings,

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Alexyss K. Tylor: Vagina & Penis Power!

Hey, a few months back I did an interview with the woman I refer to as the “Black Dr. Ruth.” She is in your face and raw with her discussions about Sex and Sexuality. She might be offensive to some but she is most definitely HONEST and tells it like it ‘TIS…Most importantly she is stands in



ALEXYSS K. TYLOR: In Her Own Words


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