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2009: “Careful What You Ask – For Me, It’s No More Drama!”

As we approach a new year with great hopes and anticipation for CHANGE, I would like to remind everyone to be:

“Careful What You Ask…The Universe Will Deliver!”

The above quote has become one of my favorite sayings of all time. In my journey to Entrepreneurship, “The Law of Attraction” is something I have had to take really seriously. This includes the friends we keep, the family members that surround us and most importantly what we visualize. Sometimes we look @ our own lives and cannot accept the place we find ourselves. The road is hard and we certainly will lose some “friends” along the way but that is part of the journey. Until we take responsibility for our own condition- we cannot make the necessary moves to rescue ourselves and get to the places we want to go. Keep in mind, that some CHANGE might involve getting rid of folks that are not helping you to attract success – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and/or financially.

So, get ready to ring in the new year by COMMITTING TO and FOLLOWING UP on your plans for Real success.

Now, Visualize With Me For:
A Prosperous New Year, In 2009 & Beyond!

And In The Words Of My Girl Mary J……NO MORE DRAMA, PLEASE


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Job Hunting In A Bad Economy –

Hey everyone, I just wanted to send out a special shout-out to my boy Mike Street (Greasy who has started the series on his blog – “Job Hunting In A Bad Economy.”

By assembling a team of experts to help people navigate the job market during these tough economic times – he is delivering a wonderful service. Stop by for these wonderful pearls of wisdom –

You can check out my advice HERE, and read the other expert opinions as well

Just think, If President-Elect Obama could win the toughest Job Interview of his Life and land on Time Magazine as “Person Of The Year” – You can make your dreams a reality too!

President-Elect Obama On Campaign Trail

President-Elect Obama On Campaign Trail

Commit to BRAND YOU-

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Your Partner Ain’t Your Parent!!!

I know Partner and Parent have EXACTLY the same letters in them – but guess what?

They are not interchangeable….

I once read a quote from Quincy Jones – musical genius -and it addressed just what I am talking about…
“I know now that no other woman can take the place of a man’s mother, and that no man can take the place of a woman’s father.”

So many people fall into this place where they are in a relationship expecting their partner to somehow leave off where Mom or Dad left off – Now, for those who might feel that our parents somehow missed a beat, there might be a tendency to seek out partners that fill that void.

NEWSFLASH people it ain’t gonna happen! For one, if we are broken and searching for love in that spirit, we will find the people that mirror our broken-ness. It is unfair to expect anyone to fill another person’s shoes especially if it is an “idealized” image we hold in our heads.

Until we find another way to take care of that needy child inside – we all ALWAYS feel let down when that partner fails to deliver what we “expect.”

So, today – if you’re feeling frustrated or disappointed with your relationship (married or single) check yourself and make sure your expectations are realistic. Accept your partner for who THEY are and take note of what makes them unique as your partner NOT your parent…..and most importantly, no one can read your palm or your heart – so talk about what you’re feeling


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On Sarah Palin and other ISH….

During the recent 2008 Presidential Campaign – I was truly on fire!

This election starring Barack Obama vs John McCain will truly go down in history as a series of firsts.  I will go out on a limb and say that it – will be the cycle that redefines the political process in EVERY SINGLE  way.

I could not believe have nasty things got – and in my absolute frustration, I did ALOT of writing just so I’d stay sane.  Well, one of my male friends who also happens to be a writer – captured some of that in an interview entitled “Sarah Palin Is No Hillary Clinton.” That interview with Gary G-Man Toms was truly a look into gender relations – and how people really should not stereotype.

If there is one thing I hope we all learned from the Sarah Palin fiasco – “Just because it looks like a duck, walks like a duck or quacks like a duck, does not mean it IS a duck.” or something about some pigs and lipstick…..

Check out my interview HERE

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Saba Ink: The Timothy Sexton Interview

timsexton.jpgRecently, Timothy Sexton, The People Media Company’s 2007 Content Producer Of The Year flipped the script on me and got me to answer some hard questions. We “Talked” about Hip-Hop, Homosexuality, Women, Politics and more.

I mean I love Tim’s in your face commentaries and writing style so it was an honor to exchange ideas with him. Also, since I’m used to asking the Questions it was cool to be the subject for once.

Check out the conversation with Me and Timothy Sexton right HERE.

Peace & Blessings,

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Alexyss K. Tylor: Vagina & Penis Power!

Hey, a few months back I did an interview with the woman I refer to as the “Black Dr. Ruth.” She is in your face and raw with her discussions about Sex and Sexuality. She might be offensive to some but she is most definitely HONEST and tells it like it ‘TIS…Most importantly she is stands in



ALEXYSS K. TYLOR: In Her Own Words


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Last Night…..

The message is don’t start nothing you can’t finish…

Excuses, Excuses

If he said it once, he’ll say it twice….so, no matter how much you love him,

love you more….

Or you’ll be singing this song and hearing this song for the rest of your life

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