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a chat with my sisters….. orientation and cultural origin really doesn’t matter. We are all sisters in the spirit!

NEWS FLASH: Superwoman Ain’t Comin’ (Today)

This week-end was a long one for me.

I decided to take some time to focus on myself because as we all know – the demands of life can be overwhelming.

As, I reviewed plans – and looked into the New Year – the one thing I resolved was that my new phrase will be “SUPERWOMAN ain’t coming!” As women, it is sometimes difficult to take of our capes – and -take a break from rescuing the world.

I say, we most certainly have the ability to Save The World but not all at the same time. We have to keep in mind that our overextended schedules can be like Kryponite for the soul – and if we do not take some time to energize – we can burn out.

So, I say it is okay to take care of home, business, man and kids – but every so often (without guilt), find the time for yourself – put up a sign on the door, and let the world know:

SUPER WOMAN AIN’T COMIN – at least not today!!!!

Check Out, My girl Alicia Keyes (I AM SUPERWOMAN)


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Your Life Purpose: Live It (Like Rihanna & T.I. Say….)

Some of the best examples of entrepreneurship – can be found with the members of Generation X – what they have found is that sometimes you have to break the rules – TO MAKE THE RULES.

There is an old saying that some of the best talent – can be found in graveyards – that’s because most people live their lives – without purpose. They are too afraid to fail or show vulnerability by bucking the status quo. What is sad about “playing it safe” is that, people never take the time to discover their uniqueness, opting to spend their life “steady chasing the paper” and perhaps really never finding happiness.

So, check the lyrics of one of my new favorite songs – LIVE YOUR LIFE!

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It’s Almost Thanksgiving…Are You Grateful?


It is almost Thanksgiving again – and with the way things are, it would seem that there is nothing left to do but complain. I know, the economy is bust – millions have been laid off – and the world seems to be spinning 1000 miles and hour because ALOT has Changed.

Well, I’m here to say that in the midst of it all, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.
As I contemplated, the words of this post, I thought about my dear friend Amie Smith Harris – who despite the miles has always remained close.

Well, a few years back – because we are both Oprah freaks, she bought me “The Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude” from Sarah Ban Breathnach. The idea of this, is that at the end of EVERYDAY you are to reflect back and write down 5 things that you are grateful for. What this exercise does – is it forces you to focus on the positive – in your day as opposed to the negative.

Anywho, as I began to review my post from Thanksgiving Day – when I first started journaling, here are the 5 things I was and continue to be grateful for on this special day:

Great Thanksgiving Meal
Candle light and atmosphere
Beautiful Table
Coming Together to make a nice day
Family Time

As we all look to the holiday season which can sometimes be overwhelming and in some cases depressing (especially with the state of the economy) look forward and celebrate the simple things that make the season grand and remember that the holidays (like TRUE FRIENDS) have NEVER been about quantity –

Quality Trumps EVERYTIME —–

Peace & Continued Blessings,

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Beyonce, All The Single Ladies & Saturday Night Live

Alright – We all know that I am a fan of Beyonce “Mrs. Jay-Z” aka Sasha Fierce!

Beyonce has always been a woman who knows what see wants and goes right after it……

So after her recent nuptials to Hip Hop Mogul Jay-Z, seems she’s decieded to re-invent herself and is now Sasha Fierce. Kinda like what happened with Diddy, Prince and a few others…

Anywho, in anticipation of her new album release she is doing promotional work – and was recently spotted on Saturday Night Live spoofing her video for Single Ladies along with Justin Timberlake as a back-up dancer.

Now, her advice to “put a ring on it” reminds me of what my Daddy used to say…..“Women set the standard for society.” So, if we want to give out the milk for free, the diary farmers will certainly come a calling. Y’all know with milk at almost $4 a gallon, who wouldn’t want it for free?!??! (lol)

And No, I’m not saying drag him down the aisle – I’m just sayin’ we should conduct ourselves so that he would want to or have to put a ring on it……

And Yes Guys – this one’s checkin’ For You Too. YEAH, I’m talking to you…..

ENJOY….. as this You Tuber works it to Single Ladies…

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Saba Ink: The Timothy Sexton Interview

timsexton.jpgRecently, Timothy Sexton, The People Media Company’s 2007 Content Producer Of The Year flipped the script on me and got me to answer some hard questions. We “Talked” about Hip-Hop, Homosexuality, Women, Politics and more.

I mean I love Tim’s in your face commentaries and writing style so it was an honor to exchange ideas with him. Also, since I’m used to asking the Questions it was cool to be the subject for once.

Check out the conversation with Me and Timothy Sexton right HERE.

Peace & Blessings,

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Chris Rocks….

chris-rockwife.jpgRelationships are always tough to handle. Recently I’ve started thinking about the whole concept of marriage and if the whole idea of

“till death do us part” really feasible. I mean generally you take two people from different backgrounds, put them in the same house and expect them to make it happen…Isn’t that the premise behind BIG BROTHER, SURVIVOR and other reality based shows? Just Imagine however, if those same strangers where expected to spend a lifetime together. Inevitably, some leave and some stay….which is why I am questioning the idea and premise of marriage.

So many young ladies grow up wanting the “fantasy” of the wedding day and the bragging rights of saying that I am his wife: I beat out all the other hefers.” How real is that and how prepared are most people to deal with the varying parts of marriage that bring lasting bliss or a collision resulting in divorce. In 16 years, I have often thought about the many phases of my relationship and wondered….

I Think I Love My Wife, offers wonderful insight into the phases and changes of wedded bliss, and as I watched, I could totally identify with, soak it in and chuckle about the entire concept. Nice relationship movie and now,.I really think Chris Rocks!

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Growing up in a few continents and then spending some time in the fashion industry, I have always been interested in the way people define beauty. One thing that has always interested me has been the way African-American Men refer to a woman as being “Healthy.”

It is a good thing to be healthy but when it refers to a woman’s size and she is not in her best health, it has truly concerned me. No, I am not here preaching that everyone should be a size 6 because that is damn near impossible. Genetics prove that we are so diverse based upon DNA that you cannot expect everyone to be “Barbie.” I also remember hearing that if Barbie were truly a live woman, she could not stand upright…because she would be unable to support her own body. I do suggest that we all take a look at ourselves and become the best that we can be physically, mentally and spiritually.

This brings me to the 50 million Pound Challenge, spearheaded by Dr. Ian Smith & State Farm Insurance. It is a chance for the entire nation to get healthier. Entertainers Shirley Murdock, Angie Stone & Ruben Studdard have all joined the fight.

Whatcha waiting for?

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