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Thoughts On Launching!

Well, it has been an interesting 15 year journey! The past 2 years have brought challenges, growth, transformation and most importantly a deep understanding of who I am as a Woman!

Learning how to give myself permission to be me and comfortable in my own skin – that is the greatest gift the Universe has given me.

Understanding that in order to grow, one must embrace all that life has to offer – the good, the bad and the ugly. For only in those moments can we say that we are fully alive and a real part of the process.

As I begin to re-create my life as Woman, Co-parent, Supporter & Supported of Family, Friends and Associates, I see ME in a totally different light. For the first time in my life I truly understand and embrace ALL that it means to be Saba, Ink!

I thank everyone for their love, patience and continued support – and look forward to many more years of us falling in Love with one another.

Peace & Prayers,

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In an age of global economic challenges WINALITE provides Cutting Edge Technology & Healthcare Solutions! This is an idea whose time has come!

Join me and TEAM USA!

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URCHIN SOCIETY: Family & Business In The Age Of The Black Panthers

For many families struggling to raise children and build businesses simultaneously, life can truly be a test of endurance.

Alprentice David Emory Davis, grew up as a child of parents – considered social/community activists and entrepreneurs. Was their path to entrepreneurial parenting by default or by conscious choice? At a time when association with The Black Panther Party could mean life in jail or a death sentence, how does one raise politics, social ideology,enterprise and family all under one roof?

In his upcoming book, URCHIN SOCIETY:America’s Gift To Urban Society – Mr. Davis discusses his experiences and what it was like growing up; “Panther Cub”

Here’s a preview of the book, and an excerpt from our interview:

For more of our interview, visit me HERE!

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Job Hunting In A Bad Economy –

Hey everyone, I just wanted to send out a special shout-out to my boy Mike Street (Greasy who has started the series on his blog – “Job Hunting In A Bad Economy.”

By assembling a team of experts to help people navigate the job market during these tough economic times – he is delivering a wonderful service. Stop by for these wonderful pearls of wisdom –

You can check out my advice HERE, and read the other expert opinions as well

Just think, If President-Elect Obama could win the toughest Job Interview of his Life and land on Time Magazine as “Person Of The Year” – You can make your dreams a reality too!

President-Elect Obama On Campaign Trail

President-Elect Obama On Campaign Trail

Commit to BRAND YOU-

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Kelly Ripa & The Electrolux Commercial

Whenever that commercial for Electrolux comes on, I can’t help but laugh out loud – Not because it is funny (in that sense) but because, I can totally relate. Like most working/Entrepreneurial parents juggling a gazillion projects at one time (and well) that ad serves as a testimony. It illustrates and reminds all that to run a family and balance work life takes nothing short of great management and organizational skills. For Ripa who is a Co-host on Regis and Kelly, A Mother, Wife, Pitch Woman, Actress and more, 24 hours like most of us can be a really short day –

So for anyone that underestimates the RESUME of a Working Mom or Dad, I’d say check out this Electrolux Ad – and be clear that this is not just an ad – It is a DAILY reality!

So as we all fight for CHANGE, let’s make sure to we support policies that will support the already overworked parents of the world…….

Enjoy –

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P. Diddy Next James Bond?!?! (I AM KING)

Now, when we think of Entrepreneurial parents with “Swagga” – you have got to think of Sean P.Diddy Combs. Now, Mr. Combs has built an musical empire, clothing line, fragrance line, and more – he has dabbled in politics with “Rock the Vote” and was very vocal in the recent 2008 Presidential Elections.

While providing for his offspring an Entrepreneur – he has constantly pushed the button, as he raises his family, business and dreams under one roof. Whatever, you think of him as an individual, he is certainly an ENTREPRENEURIAL PARENT….

In his latest move, P. Diddy says that “It Is Time For A Black James Bond” and he needs to be it! So, Enjoy – P.Diddy’s James Bond Audition Tape!

Special thanks to my associates over at – for hipping me to this video.

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Your Life Purpose: Live It (Like Rihanna & T.I. Say….)

Some of the best examples of entrepreneurship – can be found with the members of Generation X – what they have found is that sometimes you have to break the rules – TO MAKE THE RULES.

There is an old saying that some of the best talent – can be found in graveyards – that’s because most people live their lives – without purpose. They are too afraid to fail or show vulnerability by bucking the status quo. What is sad about “playing it safe” is that, people never take the time to discover their uniqueness, opting to spend their life “steady chasing the paper” and perhaps really never finding happiness.

So, check the lyrics of one of my new favorite songs – LIVE YOUR LIFE!

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