About Sabaink.com


The Life & Times of an Entrepreneurial Parent!

On this earth nearly 40 years, I am earning a PHD in life. As I have learned and continue to grow, I’ll share career, business, relationship, life thoughts, parenting and other information with you here.

This is where you can come for conversation the way your momma never offered it – or I’ll be the reminder of what she used to say. Yes, I am a Mom of two (pre-teen boy and teen-age girl), with 17 years of marriage experience and a few relationships before that too- so, relationships I can talk about.

I am an entrepreneur that has spent most of her life as a cubicle dweller while moonlighting as a free-lancer. I have a degree in Communications and Media Arts and have spent about 10+ years in promotions, marketing and sales – so professionally, there’s a few angles I can help you out with too. However, if I don’t have an answer, I’ve probably got someone in my network that can get it, so with a variety of  resources – we’ll find an answer for you some how!

As a freelance writer, I have interviewed celebrities like Isaac Hayes, Tyrese, Kenneth “Baby Face” Edmonds, Glenn Close, MYA, Nya Jade, Pieces Of A Dream and more! Writing and communication is truly my passion and Saba,Ink is my way of bringing it all together – under one roof. That’s the Entrepreneurial Parent part.

As the tech world becomes more and more a part of our existence, you can find my footprints on websites like GreasyGuide, Jamati.com and Associated Content to name a few.

Come back often and please stay a little while……’cause like any good momma – I’m here to nurture and grow with you.

“So, come on in and sit on Momma lap”



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