Killa Hill: New Documentary From Acclaimed Filmmaker Gerald “Gee-Bee” Barclay Tackles the Social Issues of Urban Crime & Violence

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Killa Hill: The Park Hill Documentary

Killa Hill: The Park Hill Documentary

New York, NY (October 13, 2009) —- After 16 years of making award-winning music videos, films and socially conscious documentaries, from “Liberia: The Love Of Liberty” to “Bloody Streetz” to “WU: The Story of The Wu-Tang Clan”Gerald “Gee-Bee” Barclay returns with yet another compelling film, “Killa Hill: The Park Hill Documentary.”

Killa Hill addresses the issues of urban crime and violence caused by the crack cocaine epidemic of the late 1980’s. Killa Hilla is the nickname used to describe The Park Hill Apartments – located in a six block radius of the Clifton neighborhood in Staten Island. Park Hill, during this period, served as a refuge and home to thousands of Liberian immigrants. The movie centers on the police killing of 22-year old Liberian national Ernest Sayon. The documentary contains graphic reenactments and beautiful cinematography – delivered “Gee-Bee” Style.

As news cameras highlight teen gang beatings and death of honor student Derrion Albert in Chicago (home to President Obama), “Killa Hill delivers a timely and relevant message as it delves into the mind-set and conditions resulting from the drug epidemic and violence that plagues many urban neighborhoods across the United States,” says Barclay.

The 112 minute movie premieres; Friday, October 16, 2009 at Snug Harbor Cultural Center Music Hall, 1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island NY – 8:00 p.m. Tickets are currently on sale for the world premiere of Killa Hill: The Park Hill Documentary at The event will be hosted by MEGATRON of BET Networks, with live event taping by RALPH McDaniels of Video Music Box.

View Killa Hill Trailer Here:

Harlem: November 10, 2009
Philadelphia: October 21, 2009
Brooklyn, NY: October 23, 2009

More Dates to Be Announced –

About Gerald “Gee-Bee Productions” Barclay:

Gerald K. Barclay, professionally known as Gee-Bee, is a veteran music video director, producer, writer and editor. His story begins after fleeing the devastating civil war in his native Liberia. He settled in New York City and graduated with a Communications degree from City University of New York. He gained early filmmaking experience in the early nineties on Abel Ferrara’s “King of New York”, Spike Lee’s “Jungle Fever” before enrolling into a mentorship under Emmy winning filmmaker Tony Lover at Liberty Studios. He then formed his own production company Gee-Bee Productions and went on to helmed over a hundred music video clips for artists such as Wu-Tang Clan, Master P., Snoop Dog, Bounty Kill, Mystical, Pig Pun, Ill & Al Scratch and The Gap Band.

Always one to reinvent himself, he sought new challenges, making a jump to the world of feature films. His first film, BLOODY STREETZ (originally entitled BLOODY CRISIS), was completed for a budget under a hundred thousand dollars and saw Gee-Bee take on the multiple hats of director, writer, producer, editor… even promoter. The gritty urban thriller won critical praise and a Vision Award at the 2002 Pan African Film Festival and was released through Artisan Home Entertainment.

In 2001, Gee-Bee returned to his African roots and produced & directed another visionary and critically acclaimed feature length documentary, “LIBERIA: THE LOVE OF LIBERTY BROUGHT US HERE”, A touching and powerfully emotional documentary on the tragic aftermath of the Liberian civil war.

His most recent work, “Wu: the Story Of The Wu-tang Clan”, is a thirteen-year intimate portrayal of the Wu-Tang Clan chronicling the rise and fall of one of hip-hop’s most notorious groups. His current film, Killa Hill- a Park Hill Documentary is described as a hip-hop action drama.



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2 responses to “Killa Hill: New Documentary From Acclaimed Filmmaker Gerald “Gee-Bee” Barclay Tackles the Social Issues of Urban Crime & Violence

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  2. Powerful and thought provoking trailer. The more documentaries engage with prospective young offenders the more they will think twice about a life of violence and crime. I too am trying, in my own working class way, to get messages to the youth in the UK. Please check out the trailer for my latest documentary ‘Adam Rickwood & The Medomsley Heroes’

    I’d be interested in your views.

    Best of luck with the documentary Gerald.
    Bill Maloney

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