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With the ongoing debate around healthcare in America, all I can say is that the system needs to be reformed in order for us to take it off “Life Support.”

As a self-employed mother of two children, I could not begin to tell you the stories I have heard, seen and personally experienced. I remember 14 years ago when I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter – At that time, I was still working in a corporate environment (as an employee) but was transitioning from one job to another. It was frightening to think that I might not get coverage because my pregnancy would be regarded as a “pre-existing condition” to the new employer and thus my new insurance company. All I can say is “thank goodness I was in the early stages of my pregnancy – and got support from others – because my story would have probably been a different one today.”

With two beautiful children and a growing business, I can certainly say that the time is right for Healthcare Reform! Not only because infant mortality rates are skyrocketing and the current system puts pressure on small business owners and the self-employed (like me).. it will save lives across the board. Reform is not only a moral obligation, it is something that professionals, families, businesses, etc need to stay alive.

Take for example the idea that 2000 people showed up at the Reliant Center in Texas this week-end just to get help they could not via FREE CLINICS sponsored by THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FREE CLINICS. To look at the amount of people showing up at these clinics across the country gives us a glimpse into the serious healthcare gaps intrinsic in our current system.

For more on this debate, check out what 450,000 Doctors Have To Say:

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