Beyonce, All The Single Ladies & Saturday Night Live

Alright – We all know that I am a fan of Beyonce “Mrs. Jay-Z” aka Sasha Fierce!

Beyonce has always been a woman who knows what see wants and goes right after it……

So after her recent nuptials to Hip Hop Mogul Jay-Z, seems she’s decieded to re-invent herself and is now Sasha Fierce. Kinda like what happened with Diddy, Prince and a few others…

Anywho, in anticipation of her new album release she is doing promotional work – and was recently spotted on Saturday Night Live spoofing her video for Single Ladies along with Justin Timberlake as a back-up dancer.

Now, her advice to “put a ring on it” reminds me of what my Daddy used to say…..“Women set the standard for society.” So, if we want to give out the milk for free, the diary farmers will certainly come a calling. Y’all know with milk at almost $4 a gallon, who wouldn’t want it for free?!??! (lol)

And No, I’m not saying drag him down the aisle – I’m just sayin’ we should conduct ourselves so that he would want to or have to put a ring on it……

And Yes Guys – this one’s checkin’ For You Too. YEAH, I’m talking to you…..

ENJOY….. as this You Tuber works it to Single Ladies…


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