Can Your Relationship & Dreams Live Together??


As anyone knows finding and maintaining a relationship can be tough. Then when we add the whole entrepreneurial thing to the plate, it can complicate things even more.

Why is that? Well, doing your own thing is like having another relationship – business can take away from your main relationship with a spouse, children and other family members. Things can get even more complicated if you are involved with a person – who does not get the whole business hustle concept – now, even if your partner gets it – all they know is that they need YOUR time.
Relationships can be a “hard nut to crack” when you’re striving to reach the top and seize your dreams and balance life.

For many – a romantic relationship ends when the hustle begins. For still others, new relationships are found in the hustle.

Whatever your story, NEVER compromise your vision for a relationship that undercuts, undermines, abuses or takes advantage of your self-love. It is not worth it anyday – and quite frankly, it will only leave you lonely in the end –

Now, I’m not saying to selfishly live your life without considering your partner or family in anyway. What I am saying is that your gut knows and when it doesn’t “feel” right, chances are it just plain isn’t!

Trust yourself – and go out and live your dreams!


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