Finding Balance In Your Life: It’s a Tao Thang


In my last post, I discussed – The TAO OF INNER PEACE

As I stand watching people in the midst intense global confusion and chaos, I can’t help but notice how people are slowly losing their ground. It seems suicides, murder, and just pure madness is in our midst. Everyone seems to be searching for some sort of peace and it seems that the current US Elections might bring some solace. While we wait for transitions and hope for the best, I’d like to, offer one more morsel of calm in the midst of the storm.

People – must remember that although we elect officials and place faith in things outside of ourselves, we must be certain that PERSONAL answers will not come from organizations, individuals and governments. We must go deep within and find our own our center and balance. We must never allow the instability and currents of a world seemingly gone wild to drown and confuse us: In a crazy sort of way, to find peace – we must give up the NEED to control –

So here’s a bit of spiritual nourishment when you’re feeling overwhelmed and looking for some sanity, think about the following words (feel free to substitute language to meet your own spiritual/comfort zone):


I now know my life is peaceful and harmonious
I lead with Tao
I listen carefully, aware of the cycles within and around me
I cooperate with them
I act with courage and confidence
I work with my team for the good of the whole.
I respect myself and the process.
I harmonize with nature and all others in my world.
I accept greater peace in my life now.
And so it is.

Peace & Blessings To You – As You Seek Balance In The Way Of Nature –


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One response to “Finding Balance In Your Life: It’s a Tao Thang

  1. pauldavidart

    Very true!

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