Sunday: The Most Segregated Day of The Week


For a long time, I have contemplated the idea of Sunday in America.  Perhaps, the scenario plays out in many countries around the globe.

Families wake up to a morning ordained by Christians as the day we head out to worship and pay homage to “Our Lord and Savior.  As we get dressed in our finest gear, drop the children off to Sunday School, the adults head into the Sanctuary for  spiritual nourishment from their Church Leader – we look around and chances are – we see  people that look just like us. Today, as we look back at an historic election and think about how passionate the religious debate became,  and has always been – I cannot help but wonder out loud.

I mean we have Lutherans, Methodists, Catholics, Evangelicals, Southern Baptists and the list goes on and on – but the one thing I often wonder is how can we truly embrace each other – when we can barely identify houses of worship where the audience reflects the totality of our Racial Composition?

During her Senate Race against Kay Hagan in North Carolina, Elizabeth Dole went so far as to accuse her opponent of associating with a group know as Godless Americans.  This ad was so polarizing, I will dare to say that it might have caused Dole her Seat.  I personally took issue with the ad and wrote about it HERE.  I mean we were so obsessed with religion, that we risked losing a most viable candidate to accusations and associations with Pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright….

So, now that it is Sunday in America (5 days after), Tuesday, November 4, 2008 – when we made history together,  reaching across the aisles of social, economic, religious, gender, lifestyle and other differences to elect Barack Obama – The first BI-RACIAL President of the USA; our next challenge might very well be to:

Transform Sundays!


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