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Chris Rocks….

chris-rockwife.jpgRelationships are always tough to handle. Recently I’ve started thinking about the whole concept of marriage and if the whole idea of

“till death do us part” really feasible. I mean generally you take two people from different backgrounds, put them in the same house and expect them to make it happen…Isn’t that the premise behind BIG BROTHER, SURVIVOR and other reality based shows? Just Imagine however, if those same strangers where expected to spend a lifetime together. Inevitably, some leave and some stay….which is why I am questioning the idea and premise of marriage.

So many young ladies grow up wanting the “fantasy” of the wedding day and the bragging rights of saying that I am his wife: I beat out all the other hefers.” How real is that and how prepared are most people to deal with the varying parts of marriage that bring lasting bliss or a collision resulting in divorce. In 16 years, I have often thought about the many phases of my relationship and wondered….

I Think I Love My Wife, offers wonderful insight into the phases and changes of wedded bliss, and as I watched, I could totally identify with, soak it in and chuckle about the entire concept. Nice relationship movie and now,.I really think Chris Rocks!


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Arts Education Is The Only Way!

I have always been a strong believer in arts education. The ability to be creative…the ability to see a reality that no one else sees and turn it into something tangible. That to me is the only way that we will be able to salvage our economy!

My very first submission to Associated Content, “The People’s Media Company” was this piece entitled Saving The Economy Through Arts Education....

Here is the perfect example of this….Paintjam Dan!


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