Growing up in a few continents and then spending some time in the fashion industry, I have always been interested in the way people define beauty. One thing that has always interested me has been the way African-American Men refer to a woman as being “Healthy.”

It is a good thing to be healthy but when it refers to a woman’s size and she is not in her best health, it has truly concerned me. No, I am not here preaching that everyone should be a size 6 because that is damn near impossible. Genetics prove that we are so diverse based upon DNA that you cannot expect everyone to be “Barbie.” I also remember hearing that if Barbie were truly a live woman, she could not stand upright…because she would be unable to support her own body. I do suggest that we all take a look at ourselves and become the best that we can be physically, mentally and spiritually.

This brings me to the 50 million Pound Challenge, spearheaded by Dr. Ian Smith & State Farm Insurance. It is a chance for the entire nation to get healthier. Entertainers Shirley Murdock, Angie Stone & Ruben Studdard have all joined the fight.

Whatcha waiting for?


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