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Growing up in a few continents and then spending some time in the fashion industry, I have always been interested in the way people define beauty. One thing that has always interested me has been the way African-American Men refer to a woman as being “Healthy.”

It is a good thing to be healthy but when it refers to a woman’s size and she is not in her best health, it has truly concerned me. No, I am not here preaching that everyone should be a size 6 because that is damn near impossible. Genetics prove that we are so diverse based upon DNA that you cannot expect everyone to be “Barbie.” I also remember hearing that if Barbie were truly a live woman, she could not stand upright…because she would be unable to support her own body. I do suggest that we all take a look at ourselves and become the best that we can be physically, mentally and spiritually.

This brings me to the 50 million Pound Challenge, spearheaded by Dr. Ian Smith & State Farm Insurance. It is a chance for the entire nation to get healthier. Entertainers Shirley Murdock, Angie Stone & Ruben Studdard have all joined the fight.

Whatcha waiting for?


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Alexyss K. Tylor: Vagina & Penis Power!

Hey, a few months back I did an interview with the woman I refer to as the “Black Dr. Ruth.” She is in your face and raw with her discussions about Sex and Sexuality. She might be offensive to some but she is most definitely HONEST and tells it like it ‘TIS…Most importantly she is stands in



ALEXYSS K. TYLOR: In Her Own Words


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Last Night…..

The message is don’t start nothing you can’t finish…

Excuses, Excuses

If he said it once, he’ll say it twice….so, no matter how much you love him,

love you more….

Or you’ll be singing this song and hearing this song for the rest of your life

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Beyonce:I’m Luvin’ That Energy!


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